av:link AD-SPK18 (UK version) 8-way loudspeaker selector - 128.428UK

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    (UK version) 8-way loudspeaker selector
    This switcher unit allows the distribution of a stereo amplifier. Simply connect the output of an amplifier to the box, this output can then be distributed to up to eight different stereo speaker sets in eight different locations, each speaker set can be individually activated via the push buttons on the front of the box. Ideally suited for buildings where an independent sound control is required for different rooms or zones.
    Enables eight pairs of speakers to be connected to a single stereo amplifier
    Heavy duty push-buttons
    Built-in overload protection
    Spring clip terminals
    Designed for 4-16 ohms speakers
    Wiring gauge 14 to 22 gauge
    Input 1 x stereo
    Output 8 x stereo
    Power per channel 100W max.
    Dimensions 432 x 125 x 55mm
    Weight 2.08kg
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