av:link AD-SPK21 Loudspeaker selector, 2-way - Black - 128.559UK

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    Loudspeaker selector, 2-way - Black
    This compact switch allows for two pairs of speakers to be connected to an amplifier, with the ability to select either pair or both together. This can be a quick solution for the zoning of a sound system or for adding extra speakers to a single amp. With two pairs of 8 Ohm speakers connected, the impedance will be 8 Ohms per channel with either pair enabled or with no speakers switched on. When both channels are enabled, the speakers are linked in series and the impedance will be 16 Ohms.
    Allows two pairs of loudspeakers to be connected to the output of a stereo amplifier
    Each pair can be selected individually or both together
    Designed for 8 ohms speakers
    Spring clip terminal connections
    Power per channel 50W max.
    Dimensions 170 x 47 x 117mm
    Weight 324g
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