av:link HDMI thinwire 4K plug to plug 3.0m - 112.141UK

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    HDMI thinwire 4K plug to plug 3.0m
    These Thin-Wire HDMI cables have an ultra slim, flexible cable making routing to the back of your TV or monitor a breeze. The low profile connectors are around 40% shorter than those of conventional HDMI cables making them ideal for wall mounted units where space behind the TV is an issue.
    Thin wire design with low profile gold plated connectors
    Ideal for wall mounted TVs and monitors where space is limited
    Ethernet, audio return and 3D compatible
    Supplied in retail friendly sealed bag
    HDMI v2.0 4K & HDCP 2.2 compliant (apart from 5m/10m versions)
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