av:link IO-ADPT I/O Port RF2 Adaptor - 124.160UK

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    I/O Port RF2 Adaptor
    Adaptor for satellite boxes that do not have an RF2 output. This device converts the I/O port to an RF2 output and RF loop through input. This allows the use of a TV link or magic eye remote extender.
    RF loop through input allows an extra aerial or TV set top box output to be connect to an RF2 out
    Compatible with most current RF distribution products on the market
    Compatible with most IR extension products on the market
    Compatible with 124.157UK 'Magic Eye' Remote Control Extender
    Supplied in retail friendly sealed bag
    Dimensions 58 x 56 x 21mm
    Weight 60g
    Cable : length 240mm
    Output 80dBuV
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