Beyerdynamic Classis OM304 Gooseneck mic, white, 8 m cable

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    Beyerdynamic Classis OM 304 Gooseneck microphone, white, with 8 m [25 ft] long cable, for mounting to the ceiling

    Classis OM304 Mini Cardioid Condenser Overhead Mic +8m Cable

    The Classis OM 304 gooseneck microphone is designed for ceiling mounting. The microphone has a short flexible  gooseneck with an 8 metre (25 ft.) cable for any hanging application, the  cable can be easily shortened for optimal positioning. Both microphones terminate in a single gang plate for easy installation into a standard electrical box.

    The short, flexible gooseneck allows optimal positioning. The Classis OM 304 is suited for applications such as tele/video conferencing, choir miking, distance learning and wherever high quality speech or music reproduction/recording is required. All microphones feature the innovative Scudio™ technology, making the microphones absolutely insensitive to wireless communication devices such as mobile phones

    Product Features

    • RFI-proof due to Scudio™ technology
    • Supercardioid polar pattern
    • High gain-before-feedback
    • Flat, wide range frequency response
    • High-quality reproduction of speech and music
    • Flexible gooseneck for optimum positioning
    • Unobtrusive design
    • For hanging ceiling mounting

    Product Specifications


    • Transducer type : Condenser (Back electret)
    • Polar pattern: Supercardioid
    • Frequency response: 50 - 19,000 Hz
    • Open circuit voltage at 1 kHz: 17 mV
    • Nominal output impedance: < 200 Ω
    • Load impedance: ≥ 1 kΩ
    • Signal-to-noise-ratio rel. to 1 Pa /
    • noise voltage: 71 dB [A] / 5.0 µV [A]
    • Maximum sound pressure level: 107 dB [SPL @ 1% THD]
    • Equivalent SPL: 23 dB [A]
    • Supply voltage: 8 - 52 V phantom
    • Power consumption: 3.4 mA

    Physical & Dimensions

    • Weight: 140g
    • Diameter: 60mm
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