Doughty G3500 Trolley Chassis Bare (Pair)

    dou G3500
    Doughty Engineering
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    Doughty G3500 Trolley Chassis Bare (Pair)
    Doughty G3500 Trolley Chassis Bare (Pair) The Transporter chassis is based around the use of readily available 48mm barrel in conjunction with a pair of rugged chassis sub-frames. The standard width of the sub-frames is 700mm. Using these sub-frames a chassis of virtually any length can be made, trolley's using full 6.0m lengths of barrel are regularly made to transport the actual barrel itself. Parts required to assemble a chassis are: 1. A pair of sub-frames. 2. A pair of barrels cut to the required length. 3. Four end stops (optional) T13300/T13301. 4. Four castors (optional).
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