Milos Square base plate female Pro-30 G Truss

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    Milos Square base plate female Pro-30 G Truss

    The Milos PRO-30 truss is made of 50mm alu pipe with a thickness of 2mm and 16mm braces. This is the most used construction system for discotheques, stages, theaters and many more applications. The PRO-30 truss is available in the following models: 2 point Step system (FS, GS, PS), 3 point triangle system (FT, GT, PT) and 4 points square system (FQ, GQ, PQ) The system elements are joined together through conical connectors and spigots. Milos offers three different coupling systems with different compatibility, shown in the overview below. All Milos PRO-30 truss systems are TÜV certified.

    · F-truss compatible with Prolyte systems (Ø 27.8mm)
    · G-truss compatible with Global & Euro systems (Ø 29.0mm)
    · P-truss compatible with standard Milos truss systems (Ø 29.8mm)

    Each truss piece (length or cornerpiece) is always delivered including a complete connection-set (spigots, pins and R-springs) for one side. And the black truss we offer, is powder-coated with colour RAL9005, matte black.

    Baseplate for GQ30 female

    Length 310mm
    Width 310mm
    Baseplate thickness 5mm
    Overall height 50mm
    Weight 1.86kg
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