Showtec FLQ30-300 LED Screen Truss 300cm Black

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    Showtec FLQ30-300 LED Screen Truss 300cm Black

    With the Showtec FLQ30 truss system, mainly developed and engineered to support LED Screens, rigging the system and aligning the separate screens is going to become a whole lot easier. The FLQ-truss has been equipped with an additional centertube. This extra tube is going to make the rigger’s life a lot easier. With no extra braces in sight the rigger has more than enough space to attach the rigging bars from the LED screens to the truss by using 50mm couplers and chain shackles. Each riggingbar will have the exact same height which makes aligning the entire LED screen easy and fast. The FLQ30 truss has been powdercoated in entertainment’s favourite colour black and is available in 4 standard lengths: 50cm, 100cm, 200cm and 300cm.

    Weight: 30.56 kg
    Height: 298 mm
    Length: 3000 mm
    Width: 298 mm
    Diameter: 50 mm
    Diameter Tube: 50mm, thickness 3 mm
    Finish: Black
    Truss System: F
    Truss Type: Straight
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