WD40 White Lithium Grease 400ml - 701.329UK

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    White Lithium Grease 400ml
    High performance white lithium grease from WD-40’s Specialist range. Comes in a 400ml spray can with Smart Straw for precise or wide dispersion, and 360° valve, enabling upright or upside-down use. Suitable for jobs of all kinds. This thicker, non-drip formulation is ideal for metal-to-metal lubrication, providing long-term protection that reduces friction, prolonging the smooth operation and life of all sorts of tools and equipment. Perfect for load-bearing and other high-pressure connections. Withstands temperatures from -18°C to +145°C. Ideal for tow bars (trailer/caravans); water pumps; car door hinges; bearings; door tracks; winches and chains.
    360° valve allows for upright or upside down application, making every job possible
    Smart Straw for wide or precise spray
    Withstands temperatures of -18°C to +145°C
    Non-drip formula
    Provides long-term lubrication
    Works well under extreme pressure, especially load-bearing connections
    Helps tools and equipment last longer
    Ideal for metal-to-metal applications on components that cannot be regularly lubricated, particularly outside
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