AKG PAE5M Microphone

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    Phantom Powering Module. 5 Pin XLR Connector For Use With Automixers Including Logic Outputs To Control LED Ring. 9-52V Phantom Powering. Switchable Bass Roll Off.

    The PAE5 M reference phantom power module for fixed and mobile installation provides a five-pin XLR connector that allows the audio signal and the control voltage for a LED ring to be fed separately. Thus, the LED ring can be activated remotely by a 9-52V logic output from any automatic mixer to show the “mic on” status. With its wide voltage range, the module will fit the most available microphone mixers.

    The PAE5 M features a bass roll-off for the reduction of structure-borne noise. Its integrated system connector with gold-plated contacts securely fits all available gooseneck modules of the DAM+ Series as well as the HM1000 M hanging module.

    • Extra feeding of LED ring to show mic status for use with auto mixers including logic outputs
    • Highly reliable contacts to mounting modules prevent contact problems and ensure extra-long life
    • RFi Shield technology
    • Feeds all DAM+ Series capsules
    • Switchable bass roll-off
    Audio Frequency bandwidth 20 to 20000 Hz
    Bass Cut Filter 150 Hz
    Recommended Load Impedance 2000 Ohms
    Powering Interface
    Voltage 9 to 52 V
    Current 3.5 mA
    Audio Output
    Type Balanced XLR
    Gender Male
    Contacts 5-pin
    Dimensions / Weight
    Height 65.5 mm
    Diameter 19.1 mm
    Net Weight 43 g
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