1. July 05, 2022

    Top 5 Manufacturing Brands Of Public Audio Installations - Note For A Worthy Purchase

    When it comes to conducting high-level public events (corporate events, concerts, stage shows, etc.) - nothing shall go wrong, especially the public address sound system. Sound is the soul of an event - whether corporate, concert or stage show and thus, the quality cannot be compromised at any cost. 

    For this fact, Stagegear shortlists and brings you the top brands and pioneer manufacturers of public audio installation systems. Makers of an elite range of amplifiers, best

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  2. February 08, 2021

    CHAUVET Professional Unleashes New Force

    SUNRISE, FL - CHAUVET Professional has turned the notion that “size matters” on its head with the new Maverick Force 2 Profile and Maverick Force 1 Spot. Developed after extensive R&D and with input from leading designers, this new family of high-performance, LED moving heads, pack an arena-sized punch in lightweight frames.


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  3. January 22, 2021

    Your pocket guide to ew 100 from Sennheiser

    Sennheiser evolution wireless 100 from Sennheiser is a masterclass in affordable wireless audio for install. Designed for small to medium size budgets including schools, corporate spaces and entertainment venues, each system features up to 42 MHz tuning bandwidth, intuitive controls and transmitter sync, and fast system linking of up to 12 receivers for ease of use regardless of the end user.

    ew 100 is available with a myriad of microphones and capsules to suit any application, and with over a dozen sets to choose from we decided to make it even easier for you to pick the right system for your projects with our free pocket guide. Explore how ew 100 can revolutionise your projects with:

    • ew 100 series introduction and overview
    • Detailed discussion of popular install applications
    • Breakdowns of system components and accessories
    • Quick reference RRP pricing
    • Direct links to our website for exclusive trade pricing
    • Links to more wireless systems from Sennheiser

    Sennheiser ew G4 100 Pocket_Guide.pdf

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  4. May 27, 2020

    Martin Audio Announce Five New Ceiling Loudspeakers for ADORN Series

    The ADORN commercial series of on-wall loudspeakers was first introduced in 2019. This has now been expanded by three in-ceiling loudspeakers and the company’s first ever pendant speaker, available in white or black as standard.

    Introduction to ADORN

    Martin Audio ADORN on-wall and ceiling loudspeakers bring class-leading performance, reliability and value to a wide range of commercial sound installations — from retail outlets, bars and restaurants to corporate offices. With Martin Audio’s signature sound characteristics, the ADORN series is the perfect choice for background and foreground systems which require superior sound quality from visually discreet, ultra-compact enclosures. They also provide a seamless sonic transition within a multi-zone complex using larger Martin Audio systems such as CDD or BlacklineX.

    All the new ceiling models have a nominal impedance of 16 ohms, enabling four or more speakers to be driven in parallel by one amplifier channel, thereby maximising efficiency and minimising cost. The new ceiling additions are also fitted with an internal high-quality 70V/100V multi-tap line transformer with a switch to select the output level. For full-bandwidth protection, the low and high frequency sections are individually protected against overload in all models.

    ACS-40TS Ceiling Speaker

    Comprising a 4” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, the ACS-40TS in-ceiling speaker produces 108dB peak output at 1 metre and its ported design delivers strong bass that extends down to 73Hz. The very wide 180° conical coverage of the ACS-40TS makes it particularly suitable for low ceilings and reduces the number of speakers required for even coverage — leading to a reduction in installation cost. It features a shallow backcan for installation in ceilings with a minimum cavity depth.

    ACS-55TS Ceiling Speaker

    Featuring a 5.25” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, the ACS-55TS in-ceiling speaker produces 113dB peak outpu

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  5. May 27, 2020

    Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ now supports Serato DJ Pro

    March 10, 2020: XDJ-XZ now supports Serato DJ Pro and FLAC file playback

    To use the software, you’ll need to install the latest Serato DJ Pro and XDJ-XZ driver software/firmware. 

    Serato DJ Pro download link

    XDJ-XZ firmware download link


    • FLAC file playback is now supported (44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rates supported. 16-bit and 24-bit resolution supported.)


    • Added ability to quickly switch the control deck by pressing the SHIFT button twice when controlling via Performance mode in rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro.
    • Improved MIXER MIDI MESSAGE setting.


    • Fixed an issue with sound output from the SEND output terminal.
    • Other minor b
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  6. May 27, 2020

    Roland Announces Forthcoming V-600UHD Ver.2.0 Update

    Roland, a leading manufacturer of professional audio, video and electronic musical instrument gear, today announces it has entered a technical collaboration with Canon, the world-renowned digital imaging solutions leader, in support of the forthcoming Ver.2.0 update for Roland’s highly acclaimed Roland’s highly acclaimed V-600UHD 4K Multi-format Video Switcher.

    The free V-600UHD Ver.2.00 update adds "Automatic ROI," the new technology-assisted camera workflow that blends robust facial recognition technology with Roland's powerful ROI “Region Of Interest” tool. LAN-based PTZ camera control is also included as part of the Ver.2.0 update.

    “Automatic ROI” marks the beginning of a new technical collaboration between Roland and  Canon, lending technology-assisted workflow enhancements to several of Canon’s leading digital cameras and camcorders including the Canon XF405 / XF400 Professional Camcorders. The V-600’s Region Of Interest windows automatically finds and follo

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  7. May 27, 2020

    ChamSys Unveils New MagicQ Stable Software

    Late in 2019, ChamSys became the first major lighting console manufacturer to offer a software solution that accepts open protocol GDTF personality files. Now the company has kicked off 2020 with another innovation that will enhance the work of lighting programmers, as it introduces the first release of its MagicQ Stable Software. 

    Available on the ChamSys website, the new MagicQ Stable v1.8.5.2 software can be downloaded at no cost to all MagicQ consoles and PC platforms. In addition to being capable of importing GDTF files directly, the new software embraces a wide range of performance features that have been universally well-received when tested in Beta versions.


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