WD40 Penetrant 400ml - 701.323UK

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    Penetrant 400ml
    Fast-release penetrant from WD-40’s Specialist range. Comes in a 400ml spray can with Smart Straw for precise or wide dispersion, and 360° valve, enabling upright or upside-down use. Suitable for jobs of all kinds. Penetrates quickly into hard-to-access areas, loosening parts and fixings that have seized or become stuck or rusted over time. Highly resistant to water and extremes of temperature from -20°C to +90°C. Ideal for nuts, bolts, screws, locks, pipes and taps.
    360° valve allows for upright or upside down application, making every job possible
    Smart Straw for wide or precise spray
    Withstands temperatures of -20°C to +90°C
    Quickly penetrates into hard to reach areas
    Rapidly loosens seized fixings, stuck or rusted parts
    Recommended for nuts and bolts, screws, locks, pipes, taps
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